The Junk Drawer

Everyone has that drawer… the top one… filled with all your belongings that don’t really fit anywhere. Mini stapler, used post-it notes that you may (or may not) get back to, bobby pins, random necklace you never put in its proper place, receipts from Godonlyknowswhere, earbuds that no longer work, an empty pack of cigarettes that were never yours to begin with, and an outdated issue of vogue. This is the junk drawer. When spring cleaning comes around the majority of those things will wind up on the trash; but, until then rests the items that are rarely needed and often forgotten.

 Sometimes we are like that with people. That friend we only call when everyone else is busy, that boy we only mention when we’re looking for a boost of confidence, and that family member we just happen to remember when rent is due. I wish I could tell you that I’ve never been in that drawer, and I wish I could tell you that I’ve never put someone in that drawer. I have been there, done that, and I am not proud of either.

The best way to avoid this (for both scenarios) is to take a step back, be silent, and observe. Evaluate your relationships and evaluate yourself. Sometimes we are so caught up in our daily routine we don’t realize the harm we are causing other people and we fail to see the harm other people may be causing us. One day you may realize that the boy you call for confidence might be the only gentleman you know. He might actually be what is right for you. At that point it is too late. Just like that post-it you threw away during spring cleaning with the forgotten pin number written on it… OOPS.

 Just remember when putting people in that drawer, they may be your last resort but you could be their number one priority. That top drawer is for junk you’d rather not deal with, it is not intended for people. For those that I have put in my drawer: this is a public apology. And to that boy who only calls when things are sour: this is a public announcement that it’s too late. 


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