Meet Me at Half Court

It does not matter what age you are romantic blunders, mishaps, dilemmas, and drama begin at birth. Drama does not discriminate based on age, sex, gender, or sexuality. If you want to unite the world share a simple dramatic moment and you will begin to realize we are not all that different.

The line dividing the center court in the gym did not mean offence and defense for St Thomas Moore’s kindergarten class. This line was the sacred division that separated the boys and the girls at recess. For a young heart in love this line divided all that mattered in the world. It meant twenty minutes of separation from the blonde haired blue eyed boy that I shared every secret with. The line dividing center court prevented this relationship to expand to dodge ball, jump rope, hop scotch, and tag. Blondie and I would meet right in the center, ignoring all our friends’ demands to play other games. We put all these temptations aside and made our relationship work. This was until my brothers and father learned about our secret love affair. Looking back it’s obvious that they were more amused with the circumstances than worried; however, when you are six years old and in love the approval from adults means more than that line dividing you two at recess. I stopped going to center court to meet with Blondie in fear that the eyes in the back of my father’s head would be able to see that far. Shortly after another girl from my class started meeting him at half way mark. My six year old soul was crushed and my six year old heart was broken. All that had mattered about recess was soon taken from me. This was until I discovered dodge ball.

Today, my half court has grown. The dividing line is much thicker now and it does not represent the division between offence and defense. This line is the Atlantic Ocean and it separates North America from Europe; him from me. I met him while studying abroad, a musician that captivated my heart. His hair is not blonde and his eyes are not blue, but this love story is not much different from the one that crushed my heart over sixteen years ago. The pain is just as real and the emotions involved are just as complex. The division became too much to handle and the second I backed away another girl stepped in. Left with nothing more than my education to distract me.

These moments define us. These moments shape us. These moments give us character. Remember these moments. As life progresses you will soon realize that your problems from St Thomas Moore’s kindergarten class are no different than your dilemmas from Professor Kim’s undergraduate class. We will always have that Blondie we will go to half court for and suddenly when things do not work out we will find something new to distract us. Years down the road our old stories will simply be stories and no longer problems, forgetting that our new obstacle are not that much different. Learn from life’s lessons and continue down this path with confidence knowing that when the cycle repeats itself you will be prepared. Dividing lines and public approval- we’ve all been there. Know you will always have someone to confide in because we are not all that different. 


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