A Poem

Your kiss stings as our lips touch
Like the pain of your words as they reach my thoughts
The memories hang with me bringing fear as I go
There is so much hesitation about when stepping into the unknown
But nothing is more wrong than how I carry this with me
Each person I meet serving the consequences of my misery
It’s not that I hate you
But I do hate us
For an erased memory is a life unlived
But a memory filled with you leaves me with nothing more to give
You’ve left me alone
You’ve left me broken
Now all I yearn for is to be awoken



Maybe, myself, like most women are just as afraid of commitment as men are. Take this as an example: emotionally sensitive men looking for a commitment —> frightening. We stop calling the guy who likes to sit at home and watch romantic comedies after he has just made you dinner; but yet, we overly text the man  whom we’ve met with once after a night of him showing no other interest than our assets. I have come up with two hypotheses for this situation. First hypothesis, we like what we can’t have because we are striving for success in all areas of like including the most challenging hurdle of conquering of a man’s heart. My second hypothesis, we are self-destructive beings. This  is for all the nice guys who have always finished last; and I hate to say it, but you probably always will. I apologize but it is just women’s nature.

There is a reason why we chase after what is obviously not good for us and pass by those who are. A quote I always like to refer back to: “we accept the love we think we deserve.” It is important to notice the behavior of others along with our own behavior. Are we engaging in what could possibly be detrimental to our own emotions? As we enter a relationship the warning signs should be noted. When something goes wrong we can not always blame the other person. You’ve had to of seen this coming… Personal insecurities and unhappiness from a previous relationship can make scumbags look like knights in shinning armor. It is important to remember before entering any relationship that you first must be happy with yourself. You are not forced to spend anytime with anyone in this entire world, except for you. Which is why the relationship you have with yourself is more important than any other. Know who you are before you get to know someone else.