Writers Block


I am left with these thoughts
They cannot be expressed by words
Only visions of my soul


Pictures of rebellion
Left unspoken
Now no one will ever know

A convoluted language
Fill with only imagery
Causing my heart to break
And my soul to ache

Oh the pain

Writers block


We are not all that Different: Feminism in Watercolor

notallthatdifferent I painted this simple picture with a simple message: we are more alike than we are different. As women we must stop competing with each other. This constant competition of who is prettier, smarter, more fit will not only bring down other women but also yourself. The only person you should be in competition with is you. Challenge yourself to become a better you, not by comparison to other women but with who you used to be. When we compete with each other its a battle. Stop it. Unite and realize we are not all that different. Tom boys judge girly girls and vice versa, but why? What’s the point? The struggle to gain a more gender equal world starts with unity. To gain unity you must first love yourself. Then, love your neighbor.

Self Acceptance:
Self acceptance is the beginning loving who you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am unique, beautiful, and intelligent.” Say these things everyday, because it is true.You are beautiful, you are unique, and you are intelligent. Someone out there loves you. Give yourself props. Once you learn to love yourself and establish this security in knowing who you are then you can begin to love and accept others.

Understand other people and embrace their differences. Once you have established confidence in who you are you can stop competing with other women and start trying to understand them. Whether it has to do with race, religion, style, body image, economic factors… we are all women. Which makes us more alike than it does different. I challenge all of you to befriend a very unlikely female companion. I’m willing to bet you will be able to find more common ground than not.

Feminism in watercolor is about breaking down the barriers that pass judgement onto other women and beginning to accept and relate to our differences. Lets aim towards loving ourselves and loving each other, so we can begin to live a more peaceful world.

Fairy Tale


We used to pretend we had each other
Illusions and make believe

We were writers of our dreamworlds
Which encompassed only him and me

Afraid of reality we continued to live in fantasy

A man that was not forceful
A woman that let him be free

We managed to be perfect
But this was not actuality

Torn between miles
Timing unsettling

We are now left with a story that has no ending
A tale that has become forgotten

Just in this brief moment I was reminded
But soon it will be…


“What the f**k was I thinking?”

Sometimes I look back at the men I’ve dated and I think to myself, what was I thinking? “Seriously, what the f**k?” But it’s O.K. We all make mistakes and we learn from them. Dating is so heavily emphasized within all our media outlets  It’s almost programmed in us to date, get married, and have kids. This is THEE AMERICAN DREAM. It is said that our lives are “complete” only after meeting our perfect match. A typical line from any Meg Ryan romance comedy: “Until you showed up, I could feel something was missing but now you fill that void. I am complete.” So why is it bad to have romance heavily emphasized within our media? Because it creates this sense that someone is less than whole (not complete) unless they have a significant other. There is so much stress in finding the perfect mate that we will subject ourselves to dating all the wrong people. Then, forcing ourselves to make it feel right when in reality they’re scum.

Think critically and ask yourself, “Am I dating this person because I love them or because I want to be in love?” There is a difference. If you are in a relationship and you truly love that person, good for you. I am happy for you. However, if you are dating someone simply because you have this desire to be loved and be in love… you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. You need to love yourself before love can find you. Instead of focusing on finding the perfect mate focus on you. Once you are happy with yourself and discover who you really are then all the right people will follow. Become more spiritual, expand your mind, and travel.


Spirituality does not necessarily mean find god, visit religious temples, and pray. To become spiritual you are simply finding life’s quest. Ask your self these questions: “Who am I?” “What got me here?” “What is my purpose?” Don’t just settle when asking yourself. Think about it deeply and question what others have told you. Spend some time alone with your thoughts. All of this will help develop your spirituality. All of this will help you become a better you.

Expand your Mind:

The only limitations that we have are the ones that we set for ourselves. Don’t ever tell yourself that you cannot do something because all is possible. Find passion in all subjects: art, science, math, and social studies. Our talents may not necessarily be within them all; but, find an appreciation for all academics. This will allow you to have an open mind. Close minded people set themselves up with hurdles and road blocks. If you tear down those walls and open yourself up to the entire world of academia you can run more freely.


See the world. This will open life up to so many possibilities. Experiencing new cultures and seeing new places helps you discover your inner you. It is thought provoking to be in an unfamiliar place. You don’t need to travel far and you don’t need to stay long. A simple weekend get away allows you to detach yourself from the norm and focus on yourself. Don’t run from your problems but create space to allow thought to flow more freely.

After all this, it shouldn’t even matter whether or not you find the perfect mate because you have already established the perfect relationship with yourself. The only person you are forced to spend the rest of your life with is you, everyone else is a choice. Make that the relationship that counts. If you happen to find love serendipitously then that’s just a perk.



I heard your name whispered in my ear
Just as a butterfly passed me

“Hello Beautiful, how is it in heaven?”
“We all miss you down here.”

I knew it was you who saved me
I knew it was you who dried my tears

Even though you are gone your still with me
Even after this very long year

“Hello Beautiful, how it is to be eternal?”
“While the rest of us count our time.”

You know all of life’s secretes and wisdom
While the rest of us wonder why

I see your eyes in the clouds
I hear your voice when it pours
But nothing is more real than when you fly

The colors so bright
The flight so light
I know its your soul that’s just passed me
because nothing has seemed more right

Released from Hypnosis

My life started the second you walked out the door.
Like a mast at sail my whole life broadened
Like light at dawn I broke through the clouds
Finally I was able to see
Finally I was able to be
Finally I was more

Did you expect me to stand still?

Did you expect me to not grow?

I was hypnotized by your presence
But now I am only mesmerized by the beauty of earth
Now I am
A better me

My life started the second you walked out the door
When it closed behind you I could see the world


Look at yourself
What are you afraid of?
Like a bird that’s terrified to fly

Look at yourself
Why do you worry?
Stop asking the question why

Accept what you have and be grateful
There is no greater glory than peace within your soul

Accept the world you live in
Or be dead for no one will offer you dole

Keep on walking with your head held high
Because just like that bird
In order to live you must soar through the sky

Under the Night’s Sky

It is this very moment
Staring into the night’s sky
The Milky Way
The constellations

Standing under the only street lamp
Illuminating a circle on the pavement
Your smoke floats lightly towards heaven

It’s this very moment
The innocence of it all
The peacefulness of nothingness
The primacy of simplicity
Where all escapes your mind

A brief moment of tranquility
Suddenly you forget all that matters
Suddenly you are free
Suddenly the slate is blank

But all good things must come to an end.
Life catches up to you
Left pretending to be all everyone wants you to be

You are now standing in the darkness
For the light is so small it disappears as you walk away
Left only to wander in the dark shadows



Longing for a desire you no longer realize is real.