Under the Night’s Sky

It is this very moment
Staring into the night’s sky
The Milky Way
The constellations

Standing under the only street lamp
Illuminating a circle on the pavement
Your smoke floats lightly towards heaven

It’s this very moment
The innocence of it all
The peacefulness of nothingness
The primacy of simplicity
Where all escapes your mind

A brief moment of tranquility
Suddenly you forget all that matters
Suddenly you are free
Suddenly the slate is blank

But all good things must come to an end.
Life catches up to you
Left pretending to be all everyone wants you to be

You are now standing in the darkness
For the light is so small it disappears as you walk away
Left only to wander in the dark shadows



Longing for a desire you no longer realize is real.


One thought on “Under the Night’s Sky

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