A priori


What is reality
But the interpretation of my vision
The sensation of my touch
… your touch
Vibrations fluttering to my ears
And my mind then rendering the sound

What is imagination
But the work of my mind
The images and projections of my soul
The deeps thoughts hidden
And then suddenly coming to the surface

If I eliminate the senses am I eliminating reality
Is my world any less real without sound, sight, smell, touch
Is the world I create with my imagination anything less

A priori

Stuck in a constant state of sleep
Dreams of the day
Dreams of the night

Or am I always awake
Reality of the day
Reality of the night


Mirror Image


We are all the same
A standard deviation showing no probability of error

I need to escape me
Leave my own mind
Trapped in my own body
With feelings that are no different
….From everyone else

We are all the same
Bells that toll in rhythm
“I am unique”
“I am free”
“I am not like you”

You are lying to yourself
You are society
You are not a freethinker
And cannot be a freethinker
Unless you are free

We are all held captive
Made to believe our art is real

But we lie to make our minds happy
We lie to believe we are revolutionaries

I want to escape
I no longer have the fight to be different
Because uniqueness only exists as an illusion


I was standing on the edge of the dock
Looking out onto the lake
At the end I could see the green light
Which illuminates your place

Three days ago I was touched by mercury
Which was hidden in your love
But now I’m not sure if its you or the poison
that is sending my mind far away and above

Time slowly passes but the light still glows
I will stand there forever
Even if madness continues to grow

Love is poison and continues to roam
If you don’t believe me then you’ll never know
What its like to wait at the end of the dock
Waiting for your lover to come home

Wild Fires

Painting by Petr Pastrňák

Wild fires
Wild wild wild you

Burning embers
Tears of blue
Burning away
Left with foreign mud to wash away the pain

Dizzy breeze spreading your dark smoke
Ashes whirling into my lungs turning them black

Wild wild wild fires
Wild you

Clearing the forest for regrowth
Clearing the mind for more provoke

Madness before rejuvenation
Hysteria before sanity

Wild wild wild fires
Wild me