Why He Cheated: An Interview with an Ex

cheatThe whitful bold lies would slip out of his mouth like an actor that’s mastered the art of memorization. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone in the world, cheating is a knife in the heart. After being in a relationship for four years I couldn’t help but wonder, “Have I ever been cheated on?” There was this constant curiosity of why he hasn’t come home and who it is that keeps on calling. “It’s my boss.” “I’m having drinks with my dad.” And my ultimate favorite, “She’s just my lab partner” (from the school he was lying about attending). I was always someone to give the benefit of the doubt, maybe it’s the political scientist in me that truly believed in “innocent until proven guilty” or in this case “innocent until he left his email up and I saw the messages exchanged between him and girls on his secrete e-harmony account.” I’m no longer bitter, but after three years of being broken up I can’t help but still wonder why he did it. And the answer ladies and gents, he’s scum. Even knowing that, I called him up to find out. It wasn’t a heated conversation. There was no name calling or tears falling because after all of this I know I’m a better person than when I was with him. I just simply asked him, “why?”

His responses did not come as a shock to me, in fact they provided me with reassurance. “I can’t be with one girl for that long. I get bored.” –he told me. I then asked him how many girls he has cheated on, “I’ve cheated on almost every girl I’ve been with.” The responses were very honest and blunt. It’s not that he is proud of it, but he does continue to say that it’s in his nature. Things began to get even more personal. He was telling me about each individual relationship and where it went wrong, “At first it went well and then I fucked her over. I ended up going out more and sleeping with other people and thought, ‘shit I miss the single life.’” This was the most recent. He told me how he treated her like a queen at first, was totally in love. Then, things became mundane so he decided to make it interesting by treating his once-upon-a-time-princess like motel art, something that he saw only occasionally. This reminded me much like our own relationship, pin pointing exact moments where I began to notice his lack of interest.

Spite was another reason he began to cheat. With another girl, “… there was a part in our relationship where I did think she was cheating on me… out of revenge I started cheating on her, maybe ten times.” I ended our conversation with his beliefs, asking him if he believed in relationship Karma, “I do, what goes around comes around.” He paused after, as if he knew karma was watching him over his back, lingering for the perfect moment to cause him the pain he has caused others.

I no longer wonder why I was cheated on. Deep down I had a feeling that it wasn’t about me but his own insecurities. My advice to others: follow your instincts, recognize all the red flags, and understand that most the time it isn’t about you. Life after Branden isn’t tragic. It’s moved on. If anything I am more aware of what I want and what to expect. But, I can’t help but wonder what will ever happen to him. Will the perfect romance slip him out of the habit or is the player destined to be played as the shadow of Karma lingers behind him waiting for the perfect moment to cash out.


The Ghost Hunting Roommates

In the spirit of Friday the 13th, here is post from a dear friend of mine about our ghost hunting adventures while in college. 
The Ghost Hunting Roommates

Fallen Warriors of Love

judy-garland-in-a-star-is-born-directed-by-george-cukor-1954When hearing stories about great loves it almost seems like a fairy tale. Everything appears to be magical. Kathy and Mark met in their mid twenties, dated for a week, got married, and two weeks ago celebrated their twenty-sixth wedding anniversary in Palm Springs. “After only one week, I asked her to marry me.” -Mark said. They experienced their forth date at the beach. Kathy turned around to look at the ocean as Mark was admiring her beauty. “At this moment I knew she was the love of my life.” Mark got down on one knee and asked for Kathy’s hand. Twenty-six years later I’m here in Palm Springs hearing the two reminisce the greatest moments of their marriage.  Baffled by the fact any relationship could be so perfect I asked the couple, “What is the secrete to a long lasting relationship?” Kathy and Mark were holding each other’s hands turned and looked each other in the eyes, smiled, then gave me this response, “compromise and understanding.” It seems simple enough. Any diplomatic action can be resolved with those characteristics at the foundation.

Unfortunately not everyone is a Mark and Kathy. Not all great love stories end like this fairy tale. What Kathy and Mark have is truly special. Knowing this is important. However, hearing all these glorious tales make not-so-glorious relationships last longer than they should, in hopes that they are a Mark and Kathy. Smoke in mirrors creating an illusion of happiness only to result in a tragedy. The one thing love doesn’t have is a warning label. “Warning: the emotions you are about to engage in will cause moments of euphoria but when taken away have the severe and at times fatal side effects.” And when in disbelief of this warning you can refer to any of love’s fallen warriors: Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, and Vincent van Gogh.

The woman who had everything or so it perceived to be. The body of a goddess and the fame envied by all. Miss Monroe captured the hearts of any man who ever saw her, athletes and the president. Even with everything she felt as though she had nothing. This controversial death took place in a time when Marilyn’s love life seemed to continue to go unfulfilled. “I have to many fantasies to become a housewife. I guess I am a fantasy.” -Marilyn Monroe… A fantasy held by a woman every girl fantasies to be.

We were all young once sitting in the living room watching Judy Garland go from a sophia toned screen to colored images in a land that was “somewhere over the rainbow.” “As for my feelings toward ‘Over the Rainbow,’ it’s become part of my life. It is so symbolic of all my dreams and wishes that I’m sure that’s why people sometimes get tears in their eyes when they hear it.” -Judy Garland. Three months after marrying her fifth husband, Mickey Deans, Garland was found dead from a drug overdose. This tragedy occurred in the 1960’s but her personal troubles began in the early 1940’s after her marriage David Rose ended in 1944.

Known for falling in love with vulnerable women in hopes that he would be their knight in shinning armor, Vincent van Gogh went to all the extremes to express and maintain his passionate feelings for the love of his life. He was a intrigued with concept of love, famously quoted saying, “Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.” Van Gogh is another tragic love story, not quiet fantasy, resulting in the amputation of his ear and attempted suicide.

Love can bring you down just as quickly as it can pick you up. Love is the blood diamond of emotions, beautiful and worth so much but at times dangerously sought after and maintained. The fallen warriors of love are examples of this tragic emotion. Kathy and Mark are an example of its beauty. When seeking love think of its beauty but do not forget its darkness.


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“Caught in a Bad Romance”

rain_is_the_newest_fashion_by_ronaaaWe took a cab to Marble Arch and I walked the rest of the way home, only four blocks south. The sun was peeking through the horizon and the wind crisply blew down the quiet streets of London. We had spent the entire night sipping on one to many cocktails and listening to jazz. When I got back to my flat I plopped myself down on the bed, shoes left on, and slept until the early afternoon. It was never anything more than that. Each night started with cocktails, turned into jazz, and ended with me sleeping until noon. And now it’s a different man, different city, different music, but the same routine. Romance is dead. But really who is to blame? People tend to find comfort within the mundane. Unromantic adventures become ordinary, as romance itself seems to be fictional fantasy. Just like anything else in life you have to break the routine and take a chance. In order to find what you want you have to give up something that you have. If you want romantic adventures you have to give up the comforts of the unromantic. I have learned this lesson not by experience but by secondhand accounts. Continuing on with two secondhand stories of great risks followed by great ardor…

When I Return
She already had her heart broken terribly at a young age, left by the father of her child and kick out of her home. At eighteen she was a single mother and living on her own. It would only be fair if she led a life of loathing towards men but this tragic event only made her stronger and eventually led to amnesty. Her daughter turned eight when she began chatting online with a friend of a friend. This chit chat led to an in person meeting which was still filled with all the chemistry that was there in cyber space. There was only one problem. She had to leave for Texas. Leaving the state for over two years would make this relationship nearly impossible. When she told her love what had to be done his response was, “if you still love me when you return I want to marry you.” One year turned to two, two to three, three to home. When she returned she decided that she could not stop thinking about this man. They married and years later their love stays strong.

Stuck in the Rain
The rain made it hard to see the roads. Pouring down on the streets it was impossible to see in this pitch black storm. Down the way was a dim light of a bar. She pulled over to wait out the storm. Sitting at a table just behind her was a group of men. One of the men bought her a drink, but she refused. He was baffled by this so he approached her. When he sat down at her table he chatted her up. Not only making conversation but also making her blush. She accepted the drink and an invite to dinner. When the rain cleared she had made her way back to her car. Instead of heading towards where she was going, she turned back home. It would be many dozen roses and years later that the man learned the destination in which she was heading, her (now ex) fiancée’s house. That moment at the bar she took a chance and fell for romance. She escaped the mundane.

Sometimes we have to stop blaming the people we are with and start evaluating ourselves. If you are in a relationship that lost its fire do something about it, take a chance. I have no one to blame but myself for falling into the same routine. We each have a choice… to either stay in a pattern of comfort or reach out for what is truly wanted. In a world of seven billion people, I’m sure with time you can find just what you’re looking for.

The Modern Day Hero

time-mark-zuckerberg-person-of-the-year-2010I. Introduction

Heroes are characters that are idolized and looked up to for their greatness. Heroes represent morality, they are virtuous, and a symbol of what everyone strives to be. As people begin to mimic the characteristics of these idols it shows that they have a profound influence upon the population. Richard Slotkin in “The Fatal Environment” argues that these idols are a consequence of American exceptionalism and used to persuade or distract the population from class conflict. (Slotkin, Richard. 1985.) The great entrepreneur, our modern day hero, has shaped the behavior of people within the United States; this report aims to answer the question of whether or not this modern hero persuades us to fall into American exceptionalism resulting in the distraction from class conflicts. First, an evaluation of Slotkin’s argument and the great frontiersmen will be provided. Then, an overview of the great American entrepreneur will provide examples of how this theory still applies to present day. This report will then conclude with the consequences of American exceptionalism and the myth of the great entrepreneur.

II. “The Myth of the Great Frontier”
The foundation of Slotkin’s theory rests within American exceptionalism. With this theory it is said that America is different from Europe in many ways: land, resources, and no establishment of a classes system or aristocracy. “The root of American exceptionalism rests in the fact that American society originated in a set of colonies, abstracted and selected out of the nations of Europe, and established in a ‘wilderness’ far removed from the home countries.” (Slotkin, Richard. 1985.) This theory promotes manifest destiny, opportunity, and the use of resources. Within “The Myth of the Great Frontier” Slotkin argues that there is a problem with American exceptionalism. This is due to the myths that develop, in this case the myth of the wild west and the great frontier.
These myths help justify the problems that arise because of American exceptionalism. They develop characters that represent the heroes of the great frontier, Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket. They all have characteristics that are not necessarily appealing but since they are thought of as heroes they create a desire to obtain these qualities: loners, regressive to primitive state (Native Americans), antisocial, and able to handle difficult situations. These heroes then create a path for the American identity causing the American people to mimic the qualities they represent as they expand westward. These qualities used to create the American identity also divert us from politics. A lonely frontiers man is not likely to participate in politics but rather move westward and be a part of the great expansion despite the qualities of the west that would in any other situation be unappealing. Making these men heroes also justifies their actions and distract us from the real problems of American exceptionalism. These real problems include the working conditions within the cities, or as Slotkin calls it the “metropolis,” and the horrific treatment of Native Americans. “The major cultural tasks of this ideology were to rationalize and justify the departures from tradition that necessarily accompanied these developments.” (Slotkin, Richard. 1985.) As American exceptionalism continues within president day we see the development of modern heroes with similar qualities that once represented the “great frontiersmen.”

III. The Great Entrepreneur
The qualities of the modern day entrepreneur represent hard work, isolation, sacrifice, greed, and they are individualistic. This is the modern day Davy Crocket and Daniel Boone. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, and Donald Trump are the modern day heroes of the new frontier. The only differences between these frontiersmen and the ones presented by Slotkin are what they try to persuade. Instead of expansion of the west these men are promoting expansion of the economy. They share similar characteristics and divert us from politics. Slotkin believes that this theory of American exceptionalism and the heroes they produce encourages those without a political voice to move westward. (Slotkin, Richard. 1985.) Now, the entrepreneur encourages those without a voice in politics to get rich. As people try to become these great heroes they become distracted and only focus on themselves causing them to be less observant of the political changes around them. As we strive for success we neglect our involvement in politics.
Mark Zuckerberg, the creator and founder of Facebook is an urban entrepreneur that is considered to be a modern day hero. Zuckerberg holds all the qualities in which would make him an entrepreneur hero. His greed is shown when discussing the law suit involving the allegations that he stole the idea of Facebook from fellow colleagues at Harvard. (Rouse, Hana. 2010.) He is portrayed as hard working, a loner, and determined in the film “The Social Network.” In the center of the May 2013 issue of Vanity Fair magazine is an entire eleven page spread idolizing the man for his accomplishments. Written across the third page in bold letters he is quoted saying, “I spend almost all of my time on the products that we build.” (Eichenwald, Kurt. 2013.) Mark Zuckerberg is everywhere. He is in the movies, diverse magazines, newspapers, internet, and television. This influence from every media outlet leaves a profound impression on the American people causing him to become a new modern day hero influencing the people.
Steve Jobs is another perfect example of a modern day hero promoted by American exceptionalism. A journalist for Forbes Magazine, Quentin Hardy, discusses why this man is so incredible in comparison to other entrepreneurs. Hardy honors Steve Jobs for these characteristics: hard working, determined, and isolate. “Jobs is someone who never gives up on details, never stops making that next call, pushing one more thing a little harder. It is a habit of his greatness…He was up one Thursday at 1 AM working on a presentation for the following Monday…Here is a guy who’s up late working on his material days ahead of time. Most chief executives look at a speech somebody else wrote about 20 minutes before they give it.” These qualities are set on a pedestal by Hardy, as if they are virtuous. But is late night preparation, dedication, and hard work all you need to build a multibillion dollar corporation in today’s world? And does building a corporation from the ground up make you a virtuous person?

IV. Consequences:
Slotkin uses American exceptionalism to show the justification of genocide upon Native Americans, pushing them off their land, and taking advantage of them; however, in terms of today the growth of the economy is used to justify other exploitations. Unlike Slotkin’s theory, there is not an expansion of land but there is still expansion, growth in the economy. (Slotkin, Richard. 1985.) There is this idea that the economy must always grow and continue to grow. This then justifies unethical behavior: pollution, cheap labor, depletion of forests, and the overuse of resources. The use of these heroes as a course for American identity also has the consequence of distraction. With these distractions we no longer are participating in politics, which allows these issues to continue to occur.
Mark Zuckerberg is a hero that portrays someone that does not have a political involvement. Facebook is known to be the place to put your identity on the web. Your marital status, alumni records, hometown, and even your favorite books and movies are all published on your “wall.” One aspect of your identity that Facebook also reveals is your political views. You have many options to choose from and can even insert your own political identity. In May of 2013, Mark Zuckerberg became a supporting member of an opposition group against Obamacare, supporting the expansion of Keystone oil pipeline and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This followed with much backlash, threats to pull ads, and hesitation to continue to buy ads. This backlash led Zuckerberg to climb back in the political closet and set his political status on Facebook to “it’s complicated.” This backlash from the liberal public is just one example of how we view these heroes solely as an economic voice rather than political. Even when speaking of politics publicly it’s taboo. (Falcone, Michael. 2013.)
Another example of an entrepreneurial hero with consequences is Steve Jobs. He is looked at as a hero but also the CEO of a corporation that is known for exploiting their workers in China. In the Spring of 2011, workers in a Chinese factory producing iPads were jumping off the roofs of their own building. This was done because of the severity of their working conditions. “Nine Chinese sociologists wrote an open letter to the media calling for an end to regimented and restrictive work practices which they condemned as ‘a model where fundamental human dignity is sacrificed for development.’” (Chamberlain, Gethin. 2011.)
We honor both Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg but fail to look at whether or not our lives would be better without them. In an article published by the Huffington Post, Tom Green states, “… the human condition is beginning to devolve. We have become addicted to the vanity of social media unable to stop exposing our lives to the world. We post photos of ourselves pretending to be happy on Facebook and speak in 140-character tweets to people we don’t know and will never meet in person.” (Green, Tom. 2013.) Tom Green continues to discuss our disconnect from society as new modern technology is created by these modern day entrepreneurs. We live in an era where a computer replaces a human being and our intelligence encompasses all that is available to be searched on Google. But because these values of individualism and hard work are praised through our modern heroes we see nothing wrong with sitting alone for hours disconnected from our world while connected to our Wi-Fi.

V. Conclusion
When we look at modern day heroes and continuously work to imitate them we often get distracted from our political world. Self-interested, self-involved, hardworking, and determined people make up the qualities of the urban entrepreneur, our modern day Davy Crocket. If you are someone much like these idols you are considered virtuous, even if you engage in unethical behavior to achieve that virtue. The solution to this problem is to be active in political discussion. The more active we are in politics the more aware we are of the changes that are occurring in the world around us. When we are active in politics we have more control over our working conditions and the conditions of society. If we neglect to become involved in political discussion others will only continue to shape and create our world. The consequence of this is the neglect of problems that are harmful to others and our environment. As we continue to face this problem of expansionism and growth we will continue to have these idols and not be bothered with the consequences of these actions.

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Miss Independent

independent-woman-copy1Recently a good friend of mine calls me up seeking advice. After ten years of being in a relationship her boyfriend (now ex) told her he wanted to “do his own thing.” “Katie, I don’t know what to do. How do I become so independent and OK with being alone, like you?” Hearing her voice on the other end of the phone I could tell tears had just falling from her face. What do you tell a girl that is fresh out of a relationship that lasted almost half of her life? I had to think back to my own experience and remember what it was like to be a newly single woman. From the time I was sixteen until I was twenty there was a man in my life. When leaving a long term relationship it is difficult to understand who you are. For someone that has almost always been noted as a couple it is hard to imagine what it is like to be alone, at times it can be terrifying. But let me tell you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Be alone with your thoughts no matter how terrifying they may be at times, think about all the things you’ve always wanted to accomplish, and live day by day. These are the three keys to being ok with being alone. Stop living life looking for a person to cling onto and start living life looking for you.

“Katie, what is the first step in becoming more independent?”

Living day by day:
I’m not an expert and my advice might even be meaningless towards your situation, after all we are all very different. There are no rules and there really is no first step; but, I would recommend taking things day by day. Stop thinking about whether or not you envision him in your future. If he is in the picture ten years from now and you are happy, that’s wonderful. But, if he is not that’s ok too. Today it is just you so live that way. Ask yourself, “What am I going to do today?” “What do I want to do?” Think of it as freedom. There is no one holding you back from being the person you want to be.

Be alone with your thoughts:
After you ask yourself what it is you would like to do…do it. Go to a museum alone, see a movie that you’ve always wanted to see, take a yoga class. Whatever it is you’re interested in just do it. When you do these things by yourself you are forced to listen to your thoughts. When your mind is clear and you can hear what you are thinking you will finally be able to understand who you are as a person. When you know who you are, you will know what you want out of life.

Think of what you’ve always wanted to accomplish:
Sometimes when you are with someone your desires can be overshadowed by your relationship. When you are finally alone you are able to fulfill your dreams without having to worry about anyone else but yourself. Basically, you can be selfish. Travel the world, take classes in whatever, write a book… When I think about the person I’ve become since I’ve left my relationship two years ago I am proud of myself. I’ve accomplished more in these two years because I haven’t had to worry about anyone but myself. Take this time you have for yourself and accomplish whatever it is your heart desires. Turn your dreams into goals and accomplish them.

This path is not easy. Even years down the road you may want to give up; however the reward is greater than the pain. The experiences, confidence, and strength you will gain from this time will make this a very defining moment in your life. Liberate yourself from all emotional barriers that once restricted your life and become the person you’ve always known you could become.

Recycled: “All men are bastards and if you forget it they will remind you.”

“All men are bastards and if you forget it they will remind you.”.

Terrified of the “F” Word: Dating and the Modern Day Feminist

holding-hands1Feminism is something that some men can be intimidated by; but also, many women. It is difficult to be young, a feminist, and in the dating world. One of the biggest misconceptions about feminists is that they hate all men. This stereotype is simply not true and at times can affect the start of new relationships. But there are ways to go about this intellectually without stepping down from feminist beliefs. Start with explaining your perspective; openly talk about your ideas and values within feminism. Then, open your mind. Try not to be so defensive. This isn’t a war, men against women. Feminism is about unity and respect for one another, not a competition between genders. And lastly, stand by your values of equality. If the man you are seeing does not respect them he is not the one for you.

Explaining your Principles:
You’d be surprised at how many people simple just don’t understand the concepts of feminism. Many of us are so wrapped around our everyday we neglect current issues and rarely think about our stances on certain issues. (This is of no fault of our own, but a societal outcome) This is why it is important to let the person you are dating know what it is you believe in. They could just simply not understand and that misunderstanding could be perceived as a disagreement. Open up your ideas to them. Maybe they will have an “ aha” moment, epiphany, realization. This does not have be a debate, but rather, an explanation of your values.

Open your mind:
Plain and simply, not all men are evil. Men in general are not evil. This is not a battle of the sexes. When out in the dating world do not be defensive because of the inequality women face in society. The fault is not due to men but society. Open your mind, be aware of this, and follow your heart.

Stand by your values:
If you still cannot find common ground after taking down the barriers, opening your mind, and explaining your values… he’s not the one for you. A strong feminist female needs a strong feminist male who is able to see through societal pressures of hypermasculinity and patriarchy. A man who sees you as an equal partner physically, emotionally, and mentally is the one you should be with.

You don’t need a man. You don’t have to date. But at times it is wonderful to have a partner. This does not make you less independent or any less of a feminist. If anything, it has the potential to broaden your understanding of what it means to have a more gender equal world. At times dating can be difficult for a feminist. It is hard to find a man who is willing to admit that you are an equal partner in the relationship; however, that does not mean that there are not men like that out there.

Lady Luck, Jack of Hearts, and Gambling in the Game of Love

200544828-001Most of you don’t know me as a gambler. I’m not one to sit at a poker table and watch the money flow out of my pockets. In fact  when entering a casino I place one dollar in the penny slots and wish for the best. However, this does not mean that I do not take risks. When single, every step you take is a risk. Your entire status is a gamble. Blind dates, match.com, coffee shop romance… each relationship you begin starts out as a bet and the stakes our high. Gambling with your heart is the biggest risk but also has the greatest rewards. I have two scenarios that lead me to believe that there is no bigger gamble than the one you take when entering a relationship. The first instance involves a friend stuck in between the long term relationship with a high school sweet heart and the gamble with someone that could be her soul mate. The second story involves a single woman who has no luck but still steps up to the tables for one last play.

Mr. Excitement Vs. Mr. High School Sweetheart
There is no greater comfort than laying the in arms of her high school sweetheart. Almost six years together and their lives are almost all planned out. There has never been anyone more perfect for her, until now. This comfort has been replaced with the thrill of spending time with a distant lover filled with culture, diversity, and excitement. Each day they spend together is an adventure. But, now she has to choose. Does she give up a life with her first love to be with the man she has the most fun with? The passion for the high school sweethearts wears low and there relationship is filled with nothing more than security. But, stepping away and falling into the arms of Mr. Excitement could leave her heartbroken. How does she know he won’t leave her high and dry? How does she know that this man, although fun, isn’t going to turn on her? She knows what to expect with Mr. High School Sweetheart; but, enters into a relationship with Mr. Excitement blinded. The odds are not in her favor; however, winning this gamble could lead her into a life filled with happiness.

The Jack of Hearts
Every single woman has a choice to make when being asked out, “should I or shouldn’t I?” This is usually asked internally all the way up until the point they arrive. “Should I still cancel?”  BUT you never know unless you give it a try. Every date I go on I am left taking a risk. Things get more and more risky as the number of dates increase. First date… “Eh, yeah I’ll go.” Second date… “I’m not so sure.” Third date….”Maybe.” As the number of dates increases the more of the risk for a broken heart. Date after date I’ve put my money on the table never resulting in any luck. But, at one point I met the Jack of Hearts, which was need for a full house. This was a date that ended with good conversation and lasted even after the coffee shop closed. It resulted in plans for a second date, but things fell through once… and then twice… after that it just led to disappointment. Now, comes the gamble… After such a great date do I trust the excuses for the cancelled plans? If you have nothing left to lose then you only have something to gain. I’m putting my last dollar on the table and hoping to be Lady Luck.

These stories prove that sometimes dating is just as risky as stepping into the Palms, Bellagio, or MGM. You have to take the risk. Every lottery winner has won because they played the game. At times, it might end badly, but that does not mean you eventually won’t get a row of 7’s on the slots or a full house in a game of poker. Be Lady Luck and win that Jack of hearts because after all, life is a gamble.