I’ll See You Tomorrow

A legend in her own landscape

I’ve been to a place where people go to die
Living until the last of their lives
Head held high

I worked in the valley of riches
Pushed heavy carts as I dragged my feet

The valley of riches and the valley of death
Lovers hold hands as the ship sinks
The lonely wait to reconvene
One last blink

This isn’t a love story, though
It’s just something all should know
Life comes and goes
Death keeps no toll

I’ve seen him look her in the eyes
Without compromise
Left a husband
Left a son
Now they’re left with no one

Dazed is the look on their face
Having conversions with a wall
Living at their pace
Until they take that final fall

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”
But waving

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Hope it is
Hope held tight
For the fear of the light
Is greater than the fear of tomorrow

But the poor soul doesn’t always go when it wants
It leaves the body when it’s time is done
Leaving you saying “I’ll see you tomorrow…”
To absolutely no one.

So leave me here in the valley of tears
The valley of riches
The valley of death
Because where tomorrow isn’t promised today is cherished




I heard your name whispered in my ear
Just as a butterfly passed me

“Hello Beautiful, how is it in heaven?”
“We all miss you down here.”

I knew it was you who saved me
I knew it was you who dried my tears

Even though you are gone your still with me
Even after this very long year

“Hello Beautiful, how it is to be eternal?”
“While the rest of us count our time.”

You know all of life’s secretes and wisdom
While the rest of us wonder why

I see your eyes in the clouds
I hear your voice when it pours
But nothing is more real than when you fly

The colors so bright
The flight so light
I know its your soul that’s just passed me
because nothing has seemed more right