Truth in her Palm


After midnight
The sun rested
The moon awake

Nocturnal lullabies calm the fearful
Percussion vibrations liberate the willful

Count to ten and start again
The motions of the liberal

She will kiss him on the cheek
Intentions discrete
But the truth lies within her palm
Seduction and all joyfully wrong

Her mate passes without a clue
Her loyalty anew
The man at which she holds the hand
Is not her lover too

Baring skin in a game that no one wins
Temptation is devils play
Numinous affairs as the two of them lay

Between them only sheets
Kisses that are not so discrete
And a love that holds no emotion
Unattached with no devotion

As the sun awakes
And the moon has had its day
She will return to the loyal hand
Only to think of the other man

Her secrete will lie with her to rest
But her heart will always be off set
Troubling the mind
Walking blind

Forever in his debt


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