Writings on the Wall

Venice, Italy 

Venice, Italy

Frankfurt, Germany 

Frankfurt, Germany

London, England

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Barcelona, Catalonia

Barcelona, Catalonia

Barcelona, Catalonia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Italy, look up.






Writers Block


I am left with these thoughts
They cannot be expressed by words
Only visions of my soul


Pictures of rebellion
Left unspoken
Now no one will ever know

A convoluted language
Fill with only imagery
Causing my heart to break
And my soul to ache

Oh the pain

Writers block

We are not all that Different: Feminism in Watercolor

notallthatdifferent I painted this simple picture with a simple message: we are more alike than we are different. As women we must stop competing with each other. This constant competition of who is prettier, smarter, more fit will not only bring down other women but also yourself. The only person you should be in competition with is you. Challenge yourself to become a better you, not by comparison to other women but with who you used to be. When we compete with each other its a battle. Stop it. Unite and realize we are not all that different. Tom boys judge girly girls and vice versa, but why? What’s the point? The struggle to gain a more gender equal world starts with unity. To gain unity you must first love yourself. Then, love your neighbor.

Self Acceptance:
Self acceptance is the beginning loving who you are. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am unique, beautiful, and intelligent.” Say these things everyday, because it is true.You are beautiful, you are unique, and you are intelligent. Someone out there loves you. Give yourself props. Once you learn to love yourself and establish this security in knowing who you are then you can begin to love and accept others.

Understand other people and embrace their differences. Once you have established confidence in who you are you can stop competing with other women and start trying to understand them. Whether it has to do with race, religion, style, body image, economic factors… we are all women. Which makes us more alike than it does different. I challenge all of you to befriend a very unlikely female companion. I’m willing to bet you will be able to find more common ground than not.

Feminism in watercolor is about breaking down the barriers that pass judgement onto other women and beginning to accept and relate to our differences. Lets aim towards loving ourselves and loving each other, so we can begin to live a more peaceful world.